Nike Sports Shoes for Mens Under 2000

Best Nike Shoes To Buy Under 2000

When you think of sports shoes, the first name that crosses your mind is NIKE 90% of the time. Nike Is premium footwear and clothing manufacturing company based in America. The company is the earth’s largest athletic shoes supplier. More than 76,000 have been employed by the company worldwide. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight found the company as “Blue Ribbon Sports”(BRS) on 25th January 1964. Later they changed the company’s name to shoppingmode NIKE on 30th May 1971. Here is the list of shoppingmode Nike Shoes Under 2000.

Best Nike Shoes To Buy Under 2000First Copy Shoes


Everyone loves Nike. Even you at one time in life may have imagined buying Nike sport shoes or maybe you are wearing one at this time. So, basically, Nike is an expensive and premium brand in the market.


1. Lightweight
Nike air shoe was made with heavier innersole materials with the aim of reducing its weight without sacrificing an athletes’ performance. The shoe is light in weight, meaning that the athlete will expend less energy during performance.

2. Flexible
This is of utmost importance because athletes in varied sports require diverse performance characteristics. In other words, the Nike air shoe can be designed according to the specific needs of the athlete with the aim of improving performance.

3. Cushioning
When your foot hit the ground, the shoe absorbs or ‘’gives” the impact and keep your tendons, joints and muscles from harm. Furthermore, it regains its original volume and shape to prepare your muscle from the imminent impact. By doing so, the athlete can protect his body from stress and fatigue.

4. Long-lasting
Durability is essential because athletes require a lasting cushioning so that they don’t have to buy a new pair of shoe every time. Nike air shoe provides a lasting cushioning, which make it durable than other types of shoes.

5. Comfort
Nike shoes are more popular than other brands as they provide extra comfort. This comes in handy if you are a basketball star, helping you dodge and make cuts during a game. When you shoes are not comfy, you might easily slip and fracture your leg, wrist or ankle. However, Nike air shoe not only provide comfort but also minimize risk of injury.
Durability and comfort are of utmost importance when it comes to selecting a quality brand. Nike air shoes are a bit costly but are comfortable, as well as durable.

But here I will try to suggest to you some best Nike shoes You Can Buy under 2000 Rs.

1      MRP3795

Offer Price-1708

Nike Downshifter 10 Lace-Up Running Shoes

2    MRP3995

Offer Price-1838

Nike Todos Perforated Low-Top Sports Shoes

3   MRP3695

Offer Price-1884



Nike Revolution 4 Lace-Up Sports Shoes


4     MRP-3995

Offer Price1998




Nike Court Royale Tab Lace-Up Shoes



5     MRP-3695

Offer Price-1478



REVOLUTION 4 Running Shoe



6     MRP-3795
Offer Price1897



Nike DOWNSHIFTER 7 Running Shoes



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